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SOBE: one of three founders of this “New Age” beverage company.  SoBe was distributed in all 50 states through over 400 distributors and was considered the fastest growing company ever in its category.  The company was #1 in the Nutraceuticals food and beverage category and #2 to Snapple in the “New Age” category.  The Company was sold to PepsiCo for close to $400mm.



The Water Initiative’s mission is to create enterprise-based water solutions in the underserved, lower income developing communities of the world by co-creating small-scale (point-of-use and village-level) water technologies and systems utilizing the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP) Protocol.  TWI® forges global relationships and addresses local water conditions by aggregating a portfolio of “customized” technologies which deliver economic affordability, cultural acceptance and convenient availability to village and household markets.  TWI has been chosen by leading global direct sales and mining companies, as well as leading US utilities, to provide clean water solutions to homes, schools and clinics (point-of-use).

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K&A Water Development LLC and K&A Water Solutions LLC create, design, sell and market water purification systems customized to the needs of its global customers.  With over 50 years combined experience in the water industry, K&A provides a unique combination of knowledge, relationships, and related expertise to create and market water purification systems, particularly for homes, schools, and clinics.



McGovern Capital was one of three owners of the largest manufacturer and worldwide seller of carbon filters for air and water purification.  KXI has over 40 issued patents and created and supplied the initial “end of tap” filters for both P&G/PUR and Clorox/Brita.  KXI invented and supplied the first refrigerator water filters, which currently is a $5 billion market.  KXI developed a revolutionary nanotech microbiological water filter that incorporated anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents into its structure.  KXI was acquired by Marmon Water LLC.  Marmon Water LLC is part of the Marmon Group, an international association of more than 125 businesses that operate independently within diverse sectors.



It all started with John H. Fehlberg, Augustus F. Borchandt, Herman G. Possner, George M. Gerhard, Constand A. Moeller, and Jacob Wirth.  In 1888 these local businessmen – “The Original Six” – came together to form the Narragansett Brewing Company.  With $150,000 in capital and funds from Butterine (Fehlberg’s predecessor to margarine), a brick brewing house was built.  In December of 1890, the first beer was produced, and the following year the company officially incorporated.  Narragansett is New England's 5th largest and the country's 37th largest craft brewery.  It is available to 18 States and the District of Columbia.



Beverage Innovations (“BI”) affiliate was a national leader in smoothie beverages, which was sold to Hyland Partners in 2016.  BI is currently committed to developing and advancing the industry based on a dynamic resource pool and passion for challenging the global market.  BI strives to provide value and increased profits to customers worldwide through innovation and development of beverage programs across a broad spectrum of categories and markets.  BI’s brands include Tropics, Fresh Blends, Earl E. Burt’s Cold Brew Coffee, and VENGA.  BI works with companies including Manitowoc, Rich’s, DOT, and EMMI.



CELSIUS, the WORLD’S FIRST NEGATIVE CALORIE DRINK, was developed by a dedicated team of experts united by a strong commitment to true science.  Celsius launched in June 2005 after completing the first clinical study validating its calorie burning benefits.  Celsius has received numerous awards and accolades including Better Nutrition’s 2015 Best of Supplements award.



Rise Brewing Co. produces a nitrogen infused cold-brew coffee that is organic, non-GMO, and sustainably-sourced using purified spring water.  Their products are distributed on both coasts of the US and in Europe.



Rights-holder in the company owned by the two inventors and holders of the worldwide patents for Alpha Hydroxy Acids (“AHAs”) for use in skin care (glycolic acid and others which treat wrinkles, acne, etc.).  NeoStrata is also the largest seller of AHAs to the ethical (dermatologists and plastic surgeons) community worldwide with distribution in approximately 80 countries.  McGovern Capital was in charge of their licensing and patent enforcement program worldwide: Johnson & Johnson, Avon, Unilever, Chanel, L’Oreal, Beiersdorf and Ponds are just some of the approximately 50 companies that license our technology; our technologies were incorporated in 40% of all global skincare products.



Skinphonic offers prestige skincare products specifically formulated and clinically substantiated for the needs of pigmented skin/women of color – tones from beige to dark brown that include over 80% of the world’s population.



RegimenMD LLC (the "Amazon of Dermatology") offers a web-based solution for doctors to easily and efficiently sell skincare and other non-prescription health related products to their patients without the necessity of carrying inventory at their facility.  With the proprietary Regimen Pro™ Network, doctors are able to run a virtual retail store from their practices without any overhead costs.  All sales transactions occur on the Network and all products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the patient’s home.



McGovern Capital is part owner of Optigenex, a dietary supplements company that develops products designed to improve immune function, increase DNA repair and decrease DNA damage.  As individuals age, our bodies and DNA interact with environmental matter that can damage our DNA.  Optigenex’s focus on DNA involves repairing and protecting the genetic code as a means of controlling how we look and how we feel as we age chronologically.



McGovern Capital is an owner of Israel Plant Sciences.  IPS' subsidiaries include BreedIt Ltd., KanaboSeed Ltd., CannabiVar Ltd., and PlantExt Ltd.  These subsidiaries are working on uniform seed breeding for all agricultural purposes and cutting edge drug solutions for intestinal bowel disease (IBD), addictions, and colon cancer.



PlantEXT is an early mover in medical cannabis research and development backed by advanced science and clinical studies in Israel. As an emerging global leader in medical cannabis product development, based on its research technology platform, PlantEXT is unlocking the anti-inflammatory benefits of medical cannabis. From its dedicated research laboratories in Israel, the PlantEXT research team is positioned at the forefront of science-based medical cannabis product development. PlantEXT’s technology isolates therapeutic extract fractions and quantifies anti-inflammatory activity through In Vitro and Ex Vivo studies and through small-animal studies.



McGovern Capital is a partner in INTIVA Inc., a multi-faceted company in the cannabis industry.  The Company’s primary objective is the development of cannabis-related businesses that have the potential for growth.  INTIVA has operating businesses and made strategic investments in California, Colorado, Canada, and Israel.



INTIVA BioPharma Inc. is pursuing the formulation of cannabinoid-based drugs for medical conditions and disorders.  The Company seeks to initially focus its development on cannabinoids that are synthetically produced.  BioPharma has formed wholly-owned subsidiaries for pursuing cannabinoid formulations for different applications, specific medical conditions and/or disorders, particularly seeking orphan drug status.



WeedMD is a Health Canada Licensed Producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).  WeedMD’s team of knowledgeable professionals are committed to providing physicians and clients the resources and guidance needed to customize the best treatment plant.  WeedMD’s medical cannabis is produced in compliance with the ACMPR and all products are laboratory tested to ensure clients have access to safe and consistent products.

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MGC has been engaged to be the master developer for leading Native Indian Development Corp. (sovereign nations) for wellness facilities, research and services, particularly focused on primary care and spa facilities; addiction treatment; medical tourism; stem cell and medical cannabinoid research; and IP Development.



MGC is a partner in several (6) eSports teams. The organization owns teams that compete in League of Legends (eSports most popular game, competing in the highest division – the Legends Championship Series), CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, as well as participating in the game Super Smash Bros.  They have a strategic partnership with the Miami Heat.



iintoo is a social investment network, specializing in exit-oriented real estate investments.  Investments go through extensive due diligence and approval processes and benefit from complete transparency and ongoing professional supervision – from start to exit.



Working with SAIC, CCTI has developed proprietary technologies to eliminate the “volatiles” from coal such as sulfur, mercury, nitric oxide, methane and benzene.  Its patented technologies cost far less than coal scrubbing and also remove contaminants that coal scrubbing does not address.  CCTI is initially targeting China and India as coal-dependent markets that will benefit from its approach.  CCTI entered into a Joint Venture Framework agreement with a leading industrial company in Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolian Railway, which has over 20 billion tons of coal reserve.  MGC utilizes its intellectual property expertise to help CCTI develop strategies to protect its proprietary technologies.



Perimeter Internetworking is a managed service provider hosting networking and security solutions for mid-sized enterprises with high data availability requirements.  Its bundled service offering includes wide area network connectivity and management, high-speed internet access, and 24/7 managed firewall, e-mail, VPN, calendaring and voice-over IP.  Its outsourced solution includes best-of-breed technology, like Checkpoint, Cisco, Trend Micro and TruSecure, which the company has engaged to perform third party intrusion testing.



Wealthtracking is a financial data processing company providing continuous scanning for investment portfolios.  Companies using its technologies instantaneously and continuously detect when undesired trends develop in securities and financial portfolios and when financial accounts and portfolios are not performing as planned, all against customized client-based parameters, enabling them to be the “First to Know”.



Angstrom produced a monthly newsletter on Nanotechnology for worldwide distribution, The Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report, which was the fastest growing newsletter in Forbes’ history.  Currently Angstrom co-publishes the Wolfe Emerging Technologies Report with Forbes.

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Part owner in the largest appellate services company in the US, Counsel Press advises, prints and assembles appeal briefs and provides litigation support for court systems in the Northeast and the U.S. Supreme Court.