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At McGovern Capital, we believe that those who “Catch the Wave” are already late.  Our philosophy started as “Catch the Current®” and has evolved over the years into "Catch the Current, Make the Wave (TM)" - we begin capitalizing on future trends before they become a wave.  McGovern Capital specializes in global go-to-market strategies for consumer product companies by working with disruptive companies to assess, strategize and implement their business and intellectual property opportunities.


McGovern Capital LLC invests seed and early stage capital to start-up companies fitting a particular profile.  Because of time constraints, we request that companies send a one or two page summary of their business containing the following four “Ps” prior to submitting a full business plan:

  • What is your company’s product or service?

  • What is your solution(s) to what problem(s)?

  • Who are you and why will you excel in providing this product or service?

  • What size market are you addressing and how will you profit? What are your financial results and projections by quarter for at least the next two (2) years?

  • What is your proposition for MC’s involvement?  What specific terms?


Please also consider the investment criteria below before submitting a business plan/summary to McGovern Capital LLC:

  • McGovern Capital must be able to attain 5% to 25% of the startup company’s equity through an investment of cash and facilitative service (usually a blend of 50% investment and 50% facilitative (e.g. legal, tax, accounting, securities) services).

  • The company’s post investment valuation for McGovern Capital’s investment usually does not exceed $3-7 million.

  • The company must have on board several key employees with relevant prior experience.

  • The company’s business plan must show the company’s unique barriers to entry for potential competitors such as proprietary know-how and/or intellectual property.

  • McGovern Capital is currently investing primarily in companies with strong intellectual property portfolios, primarily trade secrets and non business-method patents, although we welcome any innovative business idea.


If your company’s business profile fits the criteria, please forward the business summary and cover letter to and include the name of your company in the subject line.  Summaries should not exceed two (2) pages.

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